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What We Do

Since 1959, The Second City has mastered comedy based on suggestions from people in the audience. And we've noticed something about your audience. They're people too. You can't bore people into learning. The evolution of entertaining video demands that we change the game.

That's why we've co-created with people in every industry, gathering insights, learning what's critical and producing short, funny videos for you to use, to market your training and education programs and activate learning.

How It Works

It's simple: a subscription-based library of videos to add to your existing training programs.

After we deliver a personalized library based on your needs, you simply select a video, copy the URL and embed in your training platform.

All streamed intuitively and seamlessly to any device. So nimble you can react to news and change content instantly.

Use as a tool to increase participation and interest in existing programs:

introduce a policy update, break up a webinar, liven up an email, or drive traffic to a blog post.

Video Libraries

Ethics & Compliance

Strange bedfellows? The Second City teamed with NYSE Governance Services, the authority on corporate governance, risk and ethics & compliance practices.

Together, we're delivering critical policies and procedures to 25% of the World's Most Ethical companies in the following industries.



We have relevant, insightful videos for HR training, onboarding, talent acquisition and more. All created to maximize your company's single biggest asset: its people. To preview one of the new videos, please click here.


Today's sellers face no shortage of tools, technology, and content. Yet despite their best efforts, sales organizations struggle to overcome the dreaded statistic that without the right reinforcement and coaching, they lose 87% of training value within a month. What if there's more to enabling sales success than flashy content and whiz-bang technology? SAVO has joined forces with Second City Works, to deliver reinforcement in context through short, funny, social video content, designed to engage reps on the topics most critical to winning deals.

Clients & Partners


RealBiz Shorts uses a proven, collaborative experience for originating ideas within industry specific user communities to develop engaging and actionable digital content. Working together, content is well positioned to address industry trends and topics at their height of relevance, driving learning retention and improving employee education.


Through a strong partnership with the NYSE Governance Services, we've garnered well over 4 million participants, 400+ company subscribers and a library of over 150 videos translated into 16 languages. As partnerships continue to develop and the RealBiz Shorts Community grows - content will become even more accessible and impactful, highlighting the results of The Second City and industry thought leaders working together. Learn more how to become a part of the education revolution.


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